About us

From love for dogs, from passion for DO KHYI…

Our Adventure with the DO KHYI began in 2014. Searching for a faithfully guardian and friend, we have decided to welcome BONO to our home. Our first months together have not been easy, and we needed to learn a lot from each other. The Tibetan Mastiff are a very demanding race, which require the care of a responsible and firm owner. But if treated with care and love, they return it twofold and are wonderful companions.

When we first brought BONO to our home we had no intentions of starting our adventure with dog shows, and it was only through the encouragement of our friends we deiced to present her to the world. Bono had her debut in the ring at the age of 22 months. Today he has gathered many accolades throughout the country and even on international shows, and still manages to impress more and more judges, who all thank he is PERFECT.

Around 7 months ago, due to our fascination with the Do KHYI world we have accepted a new member of our family belonging to this breed. Hanna managed to captivate our hearts.

Today the little bundle of energy grew into what is more similar to a beautiful lioness then he fluffy plush dog we welcomed to our home. There are the most wonderful duet 🙂

Our kennel is located in Józefka, a small town near Poddębice – hence the name PODDĘBÓWKA.

The area is famous for its magnificent, extensive forests, which are a great place for daily walks of our dogs. Please contact us!

Our dogs will be glad to know you and will steal your heart too ☺

We are a home breeding company, dogs are our biggest love and passion, not a boring duty.

We carefully select breeding lines to get beautiful, graceful dogs of impeccable health and great character.

Our puppies are our pride. We look for the loving owners for them.